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Nov 25 2015

More than 23 million Americans have asthma and more than one-quarter are children younger than age 18. In recent years, better ways to diagnose and treat asthma, even in young children, have significantly improved daily life for children living with asthma. With proper medication, severe flare-ups can be minimized – even prevented – and children with well-managed asthma care can lead active lives with minimal restrictions. Dr. Michael Schechter, a... View Article

Nov 20 2015

Diagnosed at just over a week old, little Henry had four different heart problems. Dr. Scott Gullquist, Dr.┬áThomas Yeh and our entire Children’s Hospital Foundation Heart Center team worked with his family to develop a plan for surgery. Now Henry and his family are preparing for a long, healthy life ahead.

Nov 4 2015