After nearly eight years working toward his goals, 10-year-old Christian Smith graduated from his therapy program this past March. “We miss him around here,” occupational therapist Macy Freeman remarks fondly, “but we are so happy to seem him thriving.” Graduation (pictured below) was a super day for this motivated superhero fan. Like the “good guys” he’s fond of from his favorite comic books, he worked persistently to get the job... View Article

Jul 30 2019

Watching a child playing around on a pool noodle, you might be surprised to know just how much is going on physically. Even if it looks like they’re just noodling around, they’re building strength and developing physical skills. It’s what’s going on with their muscles and joints while they’re moving around in the water that’s the basis for aquatic therapy – a special form of therapy that takes place in... View Article

Jul 17 2019

Angela Davis gave her 11-year-old daughter Emily a hug like she had done many times before, but this time something felt different. “She noticed that my shoulder blades didn’t seem like they were in the right place,” said Emily. “We went to the doctor the next day.” Although Emily had seen her pediatrician just six months prior for her regular checkup, her scoliosis wasn’t discovered until she hit a growth... View Article

Jul 12 2019