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Abigail’s Story: Art Gets Crafty

Published by , on Jul 2, 2013

CRT-VCUH_130529-106Six-year-old Abigail has always loved arts and crafts. From jewelry making to painting, her creativity is unleashed anytime she has art supplies. Unfortunately, her creativity and excitement has also come with a few accidents along the way. The first, a sliced cornea due to a run in with construction paper while doing crafts with her family, happened when she was just 4 years old.Abigail’s parents, Jessica and Eric, were worried the injury would cause permanent damage to her vision. They immediately took Abigail to a local hospital, but when they found they needed a pediatric specialist, Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) was the best place to be — with specialists available 24/7 in the pediatric emergency room.

“Pediatric care is entirely different than adult care,” said Jessica. “Abigail was really scared but the gentle child friendly demeanor of CHoR’s specialists helped her feel comfortable quickly. They even gave her a book and a popsicle, which ended the experience on a happy note for her.”

CRT-VCUH_130529-42After dealing with Abigail’s first injury, Jessica didn’t hesitate to take Abigail directly to CHoR’s pediatric ER when two weeks later, while making a necklace with her mom and sister, she stuck a bead up her nose. Abigail was quickly seen by a pediatric otolaryngologist (that’s a fancy way of saying ear, nose and throat specialist) who was able to easily remove the bead, no harm done.It wasn’t long before the Jorde’s became a CHoR family. Jessica’s youngest daughter Emily wasn’t eating well just four days after birth. Jessica knew exactly where to turn, and called the pediatric emergency room at CHoR to tell them she was on the way.With teaching and continued education as a focus at CHoR, the doctors provide patients and parents with a wealth of information to empower and include them in their child’s care. Jessica’s nurse even provided her with information about lactation consultants who could provide breast feeding supplies and tips.

“We felt like the only people in the ER that night,” said Jessica. “It was such personalized, attentive care. We were truly wowed!”

“They were really patient and sensitive to me as a mom, which I appreciated. My daughter’s feeding issues did not turn out to be very serious, but to a new mother, everything is serious,” said Jessica. “The CHoR staff members were so willing to answer questions and even repeat things as much as I needed to feel reassured. CHoR is 80 miles away, but knowing we are less than an hour and a half away from the help we need is a huge comfort to us as parents. CHoR is now our first stop.”Why would you prefer to take your child to a pediatric ER? Let us know in the comment section below!Note: Always watch young children when they are using scissors/art supplies, painting or working with sharp or small objects.

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