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Caring for Kids Inside and Out

Published by , on May 3, 2013

Picture 216Over the past couple of weeks we’ve taken you on a behind the scenes tour of some of the facilities at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. You’ve seen the private rooms in the PICU, the pictures of NICU graduates and even the “fish bowl” at the ASK Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Clinic. You’ve also had the opportunity to virtually experience inpatient amenities on the MCV Campus, like the rooftop Children’s Garden and the KiwanisFamilyCareCenter. However, amongst all of the various facilities and amenities that set us apart, there is a group that creates the soul of our hospital, the staff.The physicians and staff at CHoR understand the unique nature of treating children. We have pediatric specialists in everything from cardiology to oncology who know caring for children isn’t just about fixing their ailments, but making sure patients and families are comforted and supported. Every staff member at CHoR has a different method of achieving this; some fix boo boos, tell stories or play games to help pass the time, while others answer questions, teach, provide nutritious meals or offer an understanding shoulder for support. But one thing is common among them all; their commitment to caring for Richmond’s children is unsurpassed.Whether you visit the Pediatric Emergency Room for trauma care or frequent the Acute Care Units for routine cystic fibrosis care, the passion for children is evident. If the animals on our walls could talk, they’d probably all tell you the same story; CHoR provides a place where children feel safe and are still able to delight in the joys of being a kid even while they are sick.We hope you have enjoyed watching the virtual video tours of a few of CHoR’s facilities and we hope you will share the videos with your friends and family.  For a complete list of the videos and corresponding blog posts, visit the CHoR Virtual Video Tour homepage.What was your favorite virtual tour? What facilities would you like to see a virtual tour of next? 

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