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Kids Come First Files: A caring culture

Published by , on Aug 21, 2015


The team at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR) includes members from all disciplines — from surgery, social work and nursing — to physical therapy, environmental services and child life. While team members fill different roles in the care of children and families, they all have something in common — a desire to make sure that Kids Come First at CHoR.

The latest letter from the Kids Come First files is from a military leader who was touched by the team members he and his family interacted with during a recent hospitalization.

Letter of appreciation from one leader to another

Dr. Rubin,

My son was recently treated and operated on by your department. We arrived via ambulance to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. There we were visited by many teams and then we were moved to the 7th floor. My son was operated on and returned to us within three hours, and released from the hospital two days later. I am not writing to you to discuss his health or his individual health care that he received.

The purpose of this email is to talk about your people. The facilities, procedures, processes, and equipment were adequate, but there was something about your people that is all too rare in today’s society. As a member of our military, I have led men and women into combat, commanded at various levels, and after serving for many years, I have a large amount of experience mentoring, guiding, and inspiring human beings to meet common goals and strive for excellence. Managing and leading humans who have a free will is challenging, but to do it well…is special, and needs to be recognized.

During my stay, I never met one doctor, nurse, janitor, orderly, security guard, or any employee for that matter, that was not consummately professional, polite, courteous, and just down right kind. To me, that is indicative of a culture that you, your predecessors, and your leadership team have instilled…not in just a few, but in all your staff across the board, from the most qualified surgeon to the brand new  hourly employee. I have never met you, anyone on your leadership team, nor read any of your policy letters, but your team has obviously set a climate of excellence, accountability, and sincere care for patients and you absolutely do not tolerate anyone that does not meet those standards. I make that statement based on my direct observation during my son’s hospital stay…and I know that the path to get your team to this point was not a quick and easy one.

My wife and I are very thankful for the care that our son received, but that is not what this letter is about. From one leader, who knows how hard it is to forge a quality culture, to another leader, this is simply a letter to say…well done.


A thankful family

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