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Kids, Sports and Safety –the key is balance, say experts

Published by , on Jun 18, 2012

By Kellie MurphyRichmond FamilyJune 2012Sometime during the preschool years and elementary school, many parents and their children enter the world of organized sports. For us it started with four-year-old soccer, a sport that consists mainly of parents watching several children move in a single clump up and down the field. From there, we moved on to basketball, baseball, football, lacrossee, and field hockey, filling our home with all the gear and equipment that goes with it. In the U.S., there are approximately 35 to 40 million kids participating annually in organized sports, a dramatic increase in recent decades. But along with what most of us consider a positive upward trend in sports participation comes an equally sharp rise in the number of sports injuries. Read more in the June 2012 issue of Richmond Family magazine.

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