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Planning for a Delicious (and Nutritious!) School Year

Published by , on Aug 5, 2015

August is Kids Eat Right Month. Kids Eat Right is a nutrition education, information-sharing and action campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, its Foundation and the Kids Eat Right Program. CHoR Dietitian Mary Henck recommends their informational website, eatright.org, as a helpful (free!) resource for families and a great resource to check out as you start planning for the new school year. This Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ award-winning website brings consumers the latest science-based nutrition information. The site features resources and tools to help with smart shopping, healthy cooking and eating right, along with innovative tips and recipes specific to childhood ages and stages, from infancy to the teen years.

cookingWith the first day of school just around the corner, here are some of our favorite Kids Eat Right articles for school-age kids:


Lunchbox Safety – Send your child to class with safe and healthy lunches with these easy tips.

Easy Breakfasts for Kids to Make – Even if kids are on their own in the morning, most can make these easy breakfasts, and they go down even healthier with 100-percent fruit juice or milk!


Give Kids a Healthy Education – By taking an active role in your child’s school, you can support nutrition in your community and help your child choose healthful meals at school.

Help Kids Cope with Food Peer Pressure – Much of life revolves around eating, so you want to be sure that your child is equipped to make healthy choices when you’re not right there.

Empower Your Grade-Schooler’s Snacking – Here’s the key to healthful food choices: very visible, convenient, effortless and great taste. Follow these seven “how-tos” for smart snacking.

Apples or Apple Juice? – Apples are known to be a great source of fiber, but can the same be said about applesauce and apple juice?

Pear-fect! – Want an easy taste adventure for your kids? Substitute ripe, fresh or canned pears in any recipe that calls for apples.


Kitchen Staples for Teen-Friendly Meals – When teens learn cooking skills at home, they’ll be less likely to eat unhealthy fast food or unbalanced meals when they become responsible for their own food choices after they leave home. To help your teen get cooking, stock your kitchen with these easy-to-prepare staples.

Give Your Teen’s Favorite Foods a Do-It-Yourself Makeover – Just like teens enjoy the latest music and fashion trends and take pride in showing off their latest iPhone apps or e-gadgets, they will get a kick out of these simple, succulent and stylish ways to give their favorite foods a thoroughly modern makeover.

Food, Nutrients and Your Teen – How your teenage child grows – when, how and how much – has more to do with genes than with food choices. However, smart eating does help determine if your child grows to his or her maximum height potential – with strong bones and a fit body.

Teen Nutrition for Fall Sports – Your teen athlete needs power for quick, strong moves, and endurance for practices and games. But how do you make sure that your active teen gets the necessary nutrients to fuel both? Here are four key tips to follow.

The information and articles on this website change daily so be sure to check back for new ideas and inspiration on “eating right” for your family any time of the year!


lunchesNeed new lunch ideas? Check out the spring 2015 Tid*Bits and get rolling with new mock sushi recipes from CHoR dietitians.

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