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We #SpreadCheer, now hear us ROAR! (VIDEO)

Published by , on Dec 16, 2013

We are smack in the middle of our 12 Days of Holiday Cheer and since you all have been sending us your 6-word messages of cheer and text donations, we thought it was our turn to #SpreadCheer. You’ve helped our patients become champions, fighters and now you’re going to hear them ROAR! What is our 6-word plan to #SpreadCheer, you ask? That’s easy… music video of patients and staff. In your honor, we’ve put together a special video, set to Katy Perry’s hit, “Roar.”

So, without further ado, introducing our patients and staff performing “Roar!” Love it, share it and continue to #SpreadCheer with your messages and donations. We are well on our way to spreading as much cheer as the North Pole, but we need your help to reach 1,200 acts of cheer by December 31st! Come on Richmond, let’s #SpreadCheer!

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