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Spread the Love

Published by , on Feb 13, 2014

e-ValentineHow do you spread love to your friends and family on Valentine’s Day? Do you send flowers? Give them a box of chocolates? This year, Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU is helping you show your special valentine’s how much you care with three fun e-cards you can share.Check out the Valentine’s Day tab on our Facebook page where you can send your friends and family an e-Valentine with a custom message to let them know they are loved! In the spirit of American Heart Month, each e-card contains a link to heart healthy recipes and tips, along with a link to printable valentine cards and a coloring page for your valentine to enjoy.To learn more about heart health, check out our “Love with All Your Heart” webpage. And, don’t delay, visit our Facebook page and send your Valentine an e-card today!

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