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Anorexia or bulimia may first come to mind when you hear the term “eating disorder.” However, there are other eating-related conditions parents should be aware of that can seriously affect a child’s weight gain and growth. Highlighting a recently defined trend, Feeding Program therapist Amaka Winslow explains anxiety-based feeding disorders, how these issues can severely limit what a child eats, and what can help. I’ve never heard of anxiety-based feeding... View Article

Mar 13 2018

It’s important for adults to help children establish a healthy relationship with food. We want them to learn how to eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full. We also want them to eat nutritious foods and like them. Rachel Gow, PhD, LCP, an expert on disordered eating and mom of three girls ages six and under, offers some insight including a few recommendations for rewards, such as her... View Article

Jun 14 2017

When was the last time you looked in the mirror with a satisfied smile and thought, “Wow, I look strong, I feel great and I’m healthy?” Has it been a while? Unfortunately, we tend to focus on our hips being too big, not having enough definition in our arms, those few extra pounds we can’t seem to get rid of or the wrinkles on our face. Our society has become... View Article

Feb 27 2014