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A recent study found that 80 percent of parents overestimate the amount of physical activity their child gets. That same study found that 75 percent of parents overestimate the intensity – which is how much energy (calories) the body uses to perform the activity. These statistics are worrisome on a number of levels. If we think a child is already getting enough physical activity, we may not be likely to... View Article

Jan 17 2019

The Surgeon General of the United States recommends children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day and adults get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.* This may sound like a lot of time, and busy schedules can sometimes get in the way, but the great thing about physical activity is that is doesn’t always have to take place in a gym. There are tons... View Article

Oct 13 2016

by Kelli George, Dietetic InternReviewed by Ashley Cappel, Registered Dietitian, CHoR’s Healthy Lifestyles Center Quick – name the first three things that come to mind when you think of Halloween! Candy, pumpkins, and……candy.Our kids look forward to Halloween each year because they get to dress up in a fun costume and eat all of the candy they can find within arm’s reach. No one enjoys saying no to their little... View Article

Oct 29 2015

Parents are constantly searching for ways to get kids moving and to keep them active for a lifetime. The proven benefits of regular physical activity, combined with a growing interest in interactive technology, have sparked the development of physical activity monitors that can track an individual’s daily physical activity and caloric expenditure. Physical activity monitors give users immediate feedback on their daily progress with eye-catching graphics and motivational information. These... View Article

Jul 7 2014

Whether sports and energy drinks live up to their healthy, helpful image is a popular news topic and a concern for medical professionals and parents alike. The following special report offers insight about how and when these drinks may be helpful – or if they should be avoided altogether – along with recommendations from Dr. Bill Shaw for safely staying hydrated before, during and after exercise.The usage of sports drinks... View Article

Jul 11 2013

Karrah Bauserman can recall being bullied by classmates about her weight for as long as she can remember. As a child, Karrah was unable to participate in sports and activities with her fellow peers because she would quickly run out of breath. At the age of 13 she weighed her heaviest, about 200 pounds, and as her weight increased, so did the teasing. Karrah decided she had to make a... View Article

Jan 24 2013