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“They’ve done wonders,” Brandy Richmond says about our kidney team and how they helped her 5-year-old daughter Leelynd. For nearly four years, Leelynd spent 12 hours each day undergoing dialysis, a treatment that involves having a machine do the job her failing kidneys couldn’t do for her body. She was also unable to eat by mouth due to related issues and had a gastrostomy tube (feeding tube connected to her... View Article

Nov 30 2018

When Audrey Costa was born, her mother’s greatest hope was that she would be able to hold her daughter and look in her eyes before Audrey passed away. Tiffany Costa was 24-weeks pregnant when she found out her daughter had chronic renal (kidney) failure and would probably not survive outside of the womb. But as Costa says, “Audrey had other plans.” “She came out kicking and screaming and very much... View Article

Jul 1 2018

  U.S. News & World Report has recognized Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU in its new 2018-19 Best Children’s Hospitals rankings. CHoR is the only hospital in Virginia to rank in the nephrology and pulmonology categories. The hospital rose from No. 45 to No. 41 in nephrology and ranked No. 43 in pulmonology. This is the fifth time CHoR has been ranked for kidney care and its first ranking... View Article

Jun 26 2018

“It’s been a whirlwind,” Stephanie Cooper recalled of the last three years. In January 2015, Stephanie’s then 14-year-old daughter, Erica, began having headaches that were so severe she would be in tears from the pain. Her pediatrician suspected stress and prescribed medication for anxiety. As the frequency and intensity of Erica’s headaches increased, her pediatrician also noted her blood pressure was elevated. Because Erica’s dad, Mike, had a kidney birth... View Article

Jan 10 2018

Allyson Manchester was a seemingly healthy teenager, active in sports and her high school color guard, when she began experiencing chronic ear infections in late 2014. What Allyson, her parents and even her doctors didn’t realize at the time was that these were the first signs of a more serious disease. Just five months after her ear infections healed, the soreness in her legs began. Despite Allyson’s on-the-go lifestyle, doctors... View Article

Oct 18 2017

Healthy kidneys process about 180 liters (or 60 gallons!) of blood each day to sift out waste and extra water, which are flushed from the body as urine. When the kidneys aren’t working as they should, it can have a significant impact on overall health and lead to the buildup of harmful toxins. “Sometimes we know there’s an issue with the kidneys in utero or shortly after birth,” says Megan... View Article

Aug 25 2017

We’re honored to be ranked among the nation’s best children’s hospitals for kidney care by U.S.News & World Report. Not for the shiny badge, but for Evan, and the countless kids like him who inspire us to keep climbing higher. Learn more about Evan and why he’s shouting from the rooftops! Evan’s journey Doctors suspected something was going on with Evan’s kidneys before he was even born. An early ultrasound showed... View Article

Jul 10 2017

U.S. News & World Report has placed Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU in the new 2017-18 Best Children’s Hospitals rankings. CHoR tied at No. 45 in nephrology. This is the fourth time CHoR has been ranked for kidney care. U.S. News introduced the Best Children’s Hospitals rankings in 2007 to help families of children with rare or life-threatening illnesses find the best medical care available. The rankings are the... View Article

Jun 27 2017

Nearly four years after her kidney transplant, 10-year-old Jada Jackson continues to share a special bond with her pediatric nephrology team at CHoR. She describes her kidney transplant and years of continued transplant care with Dr. Bunchman, Dr. Lo, nurse Jules and other team members as a special experience.Jada was born with a kidney condition (multicystic dysplastic kidney) that can worsen over time to where there is little to no... View Article

Jul 29 2016

Our latest Kids Come First Files post comes from Heather, a mom who remembers her daughter’s most recent hospital stay as a “scary, yet comforting time because of the staff members who were involved” in the care of her entire family. While Heather’s oldest daughter Layla was receiving care for kidney complications, her youngest was celebrating her third birthday. Dear Dr. Rubin, I had called and left you a message, but wanted to put in writing, my utmost compliments to Dr. Bunchman, his nurses (Jan and... View Article

Jul 3 2016