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Virtual Tour: CHoR’s Transitional Care Unit

Published by , on Mar 20, 2014

Sometimes a child’s ongoing health condition requires both medical and nursing care, and special equipment or services. The Tranistional Care Unit (TCU) at CHoR’s Brook Road Campus provides a friendly, supportive and comfortable environment for both children and their families. From the moment you enter the unit, you know this is a place just for kids!

photo 3 (3)“Montana is 11-years-old and has been a resident at CHoR’s TCU for seven years,” said his mom, Mary Beth. “Montana has multiple medical needs that require the level of nursing care he receives in the TCU. Cognitively speaking he is at the level of an 8-month-old. It’s incredibly difficult as a mother to know that your child is receiving the best care by allowing others to care for him,” she said.

The TCU team provides individualized care unique to each child and promotes collaboration, planning and education among all family members.

“The TCU provides a sense of stability. They have a phenomenal staff who provide the best and most up to date therapies for Montana. They do a great job at keeping me informed of his milestones and achievements. Not only does he receive great nursing and medical care, but the recreation therapy team takes Montana on special trips and outings. It’s great to know that he has a social life just like his four siblings at home,” said Mary Beth.

TCU residents get to have fun in the two activity rooms on the unit and at the large recreation therapy area off the unit. There is also a park connected to the TCU with a water feature, walking paths and wheelchair accessible playground equipment. Residents participate in normal childhood activities such as school and other fun social and recreational activities like outings to the beach, bowling, sports games and more.

“The TCU staff members are so friendly and caring. They have watched our other four children grow up too. They are a big part of our life. They’re our extended family,” said Mary Beth.

Come along for a virtual video tour of the facility and see what makes CHoR’s TCU a friendly, supportive and comfortable environment for children and their families. Watch the video and listen carefully as Max visits a patient room and mentions the residents’ favorite color. Submit  your answer by commenting on the video tour link on our Facebook page for a chance to win a $50 CMoR gift certificate. Don’t forget to check back soon for an inside look at more CHoR facilities!

Did You Know?

CHoR’s TCU is 5 star quality! Nursing homes in Virginia are rated on a 5 star scale with only 20 percent eligible to receive 5 stars for their overall rating. CHoR’s TCU has received a 5 star overall rating since the implementation of the program by CMS in 2008 and currently maintains a 5 star rating in each sub-category including staffing, clinical quality measures (residents’ health, physical functioning, mental status, and general well-being), and Health Department Inspection Results.


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