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Winter Woes: Coats and Car Seats

Published by , on Dec 10, 2014

When we have child safety questions, we turn to our in-house expert, Corri Miller-Hobbs, RN; CHoR PollardCorri Miller-Hobbs. She’s a mom, registered nurse and Safe Kids Virginia Program Coordinator.

Q: How do you help keep kids safe in the car during the winter months?

A: Parents can help keep their children warm and safe when traveling this winter by following this car seats and coats tip:

Unfortunately if heavy coats, snowsuits, and blankets are worn under the child safety seat straps, caregivers mistakenly think they have the child safety seat straps snug and close to their child’s body, offering protection. In reality, during a crash all the fabric compresses and the child can shift within their safety seat, possibly being thrown from the safety seat. To offer your child the best protection and warmth, be sure to place your child into their child safety seat, buckle the straps snugly, and then cover your child with their coat or a blanket. Following this important tip allows the safety seat to provide the best protection no matter the weather!

Remember, if it didn’t come with the seat – it wasn’t crash tested with the seat. Avoid using strap covers, car seat liners and other items that did not come with the seat.

Have additional child safety seat questions? Safe Kids Worldwide has answers! Check out this site for top tips, videos and more.

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