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Unlike common childhood physical injuries, where a band-aid or brace may be an obvious solution, parents often wonder whether behavioral changes and emotional ups and downs are expectable parts of the developmental progress, or signs that additional care might be needed. Just as you’d be there to provide first aid for a cut or scrape, there are important steps to take when a child experiences a rough patch or crisis... View Article

May 15 2019

Five-year-old Beckett Tapscott twirls through life. Even when she’s here for one of her four-hour blood transfusions, she’s ready to dance. “At her last transfusion Beckett and three other girls had a dance party,” her mom, Morgan, recalls. “One of the nurses was trying to help a child feel better and started playing ‘Baby Shark’ and it just went from there. Doctors and nurses joined in too.” Onstage, Beckett twirled... View Article

Apr 29 2019

The ribbon has been cut and the former Children’s Mental Health Resource Center is now officially the Cameron K. Gallagher Mental Health Resource Center following a $250,000 gift from the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation. The Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation has supported the work of the Mental Health Resource Center at our Virginia Treatment Center for Children since 2014 when David and Grace Gallagher started the foundation in memory of their... View Article

Apr 18 2019

A little preparation and extra comfort go a long way for a child facing surgery. Our child life team has special training – and lots of real-life kid experience – in just what can help. From the weeks leading up to surgery to “no food” the night before and a special send-off when you leave your child’s side, there are several ways you can support your child and ease their... View Article

Apr 4 2019

The ballots have been cast for the ‘Top Docs’ in the region. Each year Richmond magazine asks doctors in Central Virginia to think about which local care providers they would visit themselves or recommend to family members. When the votes were tallied, 76 of your favorite CHoR physicians and surgeons made this year’s list…and Dr. Kerri Carter even made the cover! “We’re committed to recruiting and retaining the best for our kids and families. This includes skilled clinicians, outstanding... View Article

Apr 2 2019

Last week, 9-year-old James Sites took part in a 5K in North Carolina. He was in his wheelchair for much of the race, with his big sister, Lori, and assistance-dog Zoey by his side for support. His mom, Rose, cheered from the sidelines and throughout the day James shared the signature charm he’s known for. It’s is an image that echoes his life – a family rallied around a hard-working... View Article

Mar 31 2019

Does your preschooler love to be in front of a screen? Many do, so you’re certainly not alone. When it comes to screen time, parents are faced with two separate but related challenges – 1) appropriately limiting the amount of time your child spends watching television or videos and 2) managing the types of programs your child is watching. Pediatrician, mom and former educator, Bergen Nelson, MD, offers some tips... View Article

Mar 30 2019

Kids’ bodies are growing and changing every day and this includes certain parts of their bones. Because of this, the treatment for broken bones and bone injuries in children can be very different than the treatment for adults. Whenever a child has a broken bone or an overuse injury, growth plates – the areas in their bones that are still growing – need to be a special consideration. Here’s what... View Article

Mar 21 2019

Your child has been complaining of a headache, having trouble sleeping and not quite acting like themselves. What’s going on? If they’ve recently experienced a bump, hit or fall, it may be a concussion. Athletic trainer Kassi Kelly, MS, LAT, ATC is part of our comprehensive concussion team and helps us decode sports concussions by answering some of our parents’ frequently asked questions. Note: If your child passes out, has... View Article

Mar 17 2019

It’s okay to admit it – test-taking is stressful, for students and even for parents. That goes double for standardized testing, when entire schools basically shut down for the testing period. Students lose their sense of consistency as schedules are disrupted. They’re cooped up in classrooms for longer than usual. Their normal methods of coping or relieving stress may be inaccessible to them during this time. Students of all ages... View Article

Mar 14 2019