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Children want to get back to living (and playing) as soon as possible after a concussion. It’s relatively well known that time and rest for the brain are needed to safely recover. What may be less well known are the effects this type of injury can have on a child’s overall health and wellness. Acknowledging and addressing these concerns is crucial to a timely recovery. How does a concussion affect... View Article

Aug 16 2019

After nearly eight years working toward his goals, 10-year-old Christian Smith graduated from his therapy program this past March. “We miss him around here,” occupational therapist Macy Freeman remarks fondly, “but we are so happy to seem him thriving.” Graduation (pictured below) was a super day for this motivated superhero fan. Like the “good guys” he’s fond of from his favorite comic books, he worked persistently to get the job... View Article

Jul 30 2019

Watching a child playing around on a pool noodle, you might be surprised to know just how much is going on physically. Even if it looks like they’re just noodling around, they’re building strength and developing physical skills. It’s what’s going on with their muscles and joints while they’re moving around in the water that’s the basis for aquatic therapy – a special form of therapy that takes place in... View Article

Jul 17 2019

Angela Davis gave her 11-year-old daughter Emily a hug like she had done many times before, but this time something felt different. “She noticed that my shoulder blades didn’t seem like they were in the right place,” said Emily. “We went to the doctor the next day.” Although Emily had seen her pediatrician just six months prior for her regular checkup, her scoliosis wasn’t discovered until she hit a growth... View Article

Jul 12 2019

Our latest addition to the Kids Come First Files blog series is a note from a thankful mother that tells a story of encouragement, heart and family.  “It’s hard to wrap my head around the last few months, but I know that we would not be where we are today without each of you. From the beginning, #VCURRTCFamily was there! From the start, you helped us get to where we belonged – VCU! Lydia is... View Article

Jun 28 2019

After receiving a book about a cat who visits the library, three-year-old Charlotte Williams became obsessed with the idea. So just last week she became the joyful recipient of her first library card. With the new card in hand, Charlotte characteristically led the way: “She ran right in, pulled three books off the shelf, sat at a table and started ‘reading,’” her mom Crystal shares. Full of this energy and attitude... View Article

Jun 24 2019

Potty training…what a huge developmental milestone for your child! Mastering toilet training is an important leap toward independence. The process can be met with excitement, frustration, anxiety or a little bit of it all for both parent and child. A question we often hear as medical professionals is: “My child is ‘X’ months/years old and is still in a diaper. Shouldn’t they be potty trained by now?” But when a... View Article

Jun 12 2019

Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU broke ground Saturday on its inpatient children’s hospital — kicking off construction of a $350 million facility that will complete an entire city block dedicated to the care of kids. The hospital will replace existing inpatient unit beds and consolidate inpatient and emergency care to one location, adjacent to the outpatient Children’s Pavilion on the VCU Medical Center campus. The new hospital is part of a comprehensive... View Article

Jun 10 2019

Beth Ramsay’s lasting memory of her son’s surgery wasn’t the fear she experienced when he was taken from her arms for the procedure. It was that he giggled and smiled so soon after, despite his eyes being swollen shut and his head bandaged. “Nick’s experience was definitely a lesson for me in how resilient kids are,” she says, reflecting on the skull surgery her son had as an infant and... View Article

May 30 2019

Unlike common childhood physical injuries, where a band-aid or brace may be an obvious solution, parents often wonder whether behavioral changes and emotional ups and downs are expectable parts of the developmental progress, or signs that additional care might be needed. Just as you’d be there to provide first aid for a cut or scrape, there are important steps to take when a child experiences a rough patch or crisis... View Article

May 15 2019